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Lesson Terms and Conditions

Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons at your place

For One Student:

The cost of an individual Guitar lesson is $55.00 for one hour, or $30 for 1/2 an hour. This is for a one on one lesson.

Taking hourly lessons instead of half hour lessons saves you hundreds of dollars per year. Get more out of your musical education by putting more time in. Having hourly lessons puts the student into a more dedicated mindset and helps him/her get more learning done, all at a lower cost. Get value for your money with one hour lessons.

For Two Students:
If two people want to participate in the same lesson, there are a few conditions that need to be met in order for each student to benefit from such a lesson:

  1. Each student should have the same level of ability, i.e., both beginners, both intermediate, or both advanced. Small differences in ability levels are okay.
  2. If both students are beginners, the teacher may decide to teach each student individually for the first few lessons to determine whether both students are a close enough match to be paired together.
  3. Each student must have their own Guitar, two students sharing one Guitar in the same lesson is unacceptable.

The cost of a one hour group Guitar lesson (two or more students) is $40.00 per person.

Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons via Skype

The cost of an online webcam to webcam Guitar lesson using Skype is $42.00 for 45 minutes.
This is for one student only.

To make an informed decision on whether Skype lessons are the right option for you, it's recommended that you try to become familiar with the Skype interface by having at least 4 lessons. This gives you time to find the best light source, camera position, location within your home, and also to tweak your computer's video and audio settings.

Skype lessons are payable 4 lessons in advance. At the end of
your 4th lesson (if you choose to continue) you pay for your next 4 lessons.

Follow these instructions while video streaming with Skype:

  1. Cable is better than wireless (If you only have a wireless connection, ensure signal strength is strong).
  2. Be plugged into the wall power outlet, and not running on batteries.
  3. DO NOT be playing, editing, or rendering other music, video, or animations while steaming video content.

  4. If you have problems with video steaming in power saving mode, change your computer's power settings to maximum performance.

The payment method for Skype lessons is PayPal.

Please Note: For the mobile service, Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons at your place (Gold Coast area), credit cards will not be accepted. Payment is strictly cash only.

Students must give at least 24 hours notice if they need to cancel their lesson due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. If the student requires a catch up lesson, this can usually be arranged for another day of the week.

If a student is absent for more than one week, they CAN NOT be guaranteed their same day and time slot when they recommence lessons.

Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons at your place covers most of the Gold Coast Region. If your location is determined to be too great of a distance, service to your area becomes unfeasible, in which case Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons via Skype would present a more suitable option for you.

Please Note: Lessons are possible at greater distances, but as such, lesson fees become higher the further your location from the aforementioned region.



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