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Paramount Guitar Tuition Blog

Friday, 12 September 2014 -

Today is the day the old website gets replaced by this new one. That's right, a major overhaul, a total redesign.

Unfortunately, the T-Shirts, Guitar Codex, Backing Trax, Karaoke, and Games pages are all gone. If this saddens you, don't despair, just use the contact page to get in touch, and we'll hook you up with the aforementioned items.

The Pro Audio Samples are also gone. If you missed out on getting the 10,000 Pro Audio Samples, for a limited time you can still get them all for $10.00 (again, just get in touch with Paramount Guitar Tuition). But remember, it's for a limited time, they (the whole 10,000 audio sample) will eventually be uploaded to a new website where they will be individually priced.





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