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About Paramount Guitar Tuition

Paramount Guitar Tuition has undergone several changes in its lifetime.
It started out as a totally online resource for guitarists and guitar students.

It then existed in connection with the bricks and mortar business model of Paramount Guitar Tuition, which eventually closed its doors due to high running costs within the period known as the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

It now currently exists not only as a Guitar resource website (best viewed with Firefox), but also as the online promotional arm of the mobile Guitar Tuition business:
Paramount Guitar Tuition - Lessons at your place
(Located on the Gold Coast of Australia).

Michael Groebel, the founder of Paramount Guitar Tuition and is a Guitar Teacher from Sydney Australia with qualifications in Music and Music Education from the University of Western Sydney. He also holds a Teacher's Certificate from the New South Wales Department of Education and Training.

Michael has been playing the guitar for over thirty years, has sixteen years of guitar teaching experience, and is the author of four books of original guitar music, a method book, and a guitar scales book. He continues to compose highly original music for both finger-style and electric guitar.

I've always enjoyed passing on knowledge. For most of my life, it's been Guitar knowledge. Although there was a period of about six years where I actually taught web design and animation. I guess no matter what the information is, I just like to share it with others. The most important thing to me is to explain and/or show the student in the easiest way possible. I have witnessed teachers who completely complicate the process, thereby totally confusing the student. I always take it upon myself to deliver the subject matter in the most effective way possible, thus, setting up the student for success and satisfaction.

Michael Groebel

If you're interested in starting your own musical journey, why not let Paramount Guitar Tuition help you along the way. Just go to the Lessons page to find out all the details and then head on over to the Contact page to get in touch.






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