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Welcome to the Paramount Guitar Tuition website

Here you will find a wealth of information relating to the Guitar.

So what's available, I hear you ask. Well, there are Guitar resources, Guitar and music related products, info on lessons at your place (Gold Coast location) or worldwide via Skype, and more. So please feel free to check out the website, and if you have any questions, feedback, or you just want to say hi, don't hesitate to contact us.

Something you probably don't often hear, is that playing the Guitar is a rewarding experience. And it really is. Most people that take up learning to play the Guitar become addicted, and that's a healthy addiction to have, lol. It's also true that most research conducted on the effects of music related tuition show that music lessons improve memory, aural and language skills, physical coordination, timing, and concentration. These are physical/mental attributes that can be beneficial to anyone wanting to increase their intellectual capacity and overall well being.

There is substantial evidence to suggest that playing the Guitar, or any musical instrument, for that matter, engages the imagination, builds self confidence, and promotes lateral thinking. And if that doesn't convince you - Playing the Guitar is also Super Cool \m/ \m/

If you'd like to know more about the founder of or the story of how Paramount Guitar Tuition started, as well as other general info on Paramount Guitar Tuition, go to the About page.

Clicking on the Free Stuff link will open up further free categories with a selection of useful resources for guitarists.

For an historical look at the guitar's beginnings, its various stages of construction, and its overall evolution, as well as the Guitar players that helped to create the many stylistic music genres that make the Guitar such a versatile instrument, check out the History page.

The Products page also has many categories of Guitar and music related items, showcasing and reviewing the best and most useful music products for Guitarists.

Check out the Blog link for current updates on various Guitar related info, thoughts, opinions, latest findings, and anything "Guitar".

For info on having guitar lessons at your place (or via Skype), go to the Lessons page.

To get in touch with Paramount Guitar Tuition, click the Contact link.




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